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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Mom is such a slacker....

Howdy Friends -- Sorry I have been absent once again. My Mom is just a slacker. Sure she has to be at work hours before Dad and I even get up and she goes to bed usually less than 3 hours after she gets home, but come on -- she knows I can't turn this crazy computer on by myself. Humans need to remember we of the canine corp have no thumbs. We can't operate simply machinery without their help.

I forgive my Mom because she is not the world's best photographer and I am not very cooperative when it comes to photos. I guess she is right, my stories are OK, but without photos, frankly, I am sort of boring. I am thinking about emailing Augie and Ti to see how they manage to behave so well when their Mom takes pictures. My friend Farley tells me it helps to have a Dad who is an awesome photographer and trained his Mom to be pretty darn good too.

On the plus side, Mom felt bad that she was slacking and gave me my favorite treat. She has these white bags that she puts in the microwave oven. The bag spins around in there and then after a minute or so, it starts jumping and making popping sounds and it smells wonderful. I watch intently as the process unfolds....

When the popping stops,Mom takes the bag out and tears it open. Inside is something wonderful that she calls "popcorn". I don't care what it is called, I love it! Then comes the fun. We play a game where I sit and wait for Mom or Dad to toss pieces of the magical popcorn to me so I can catch them ... most of the time. Mom and Dad are in to sports so they tell me to "be the ball" . I guess that is supposed to help me focus on catching the popcorn. I don't need to be some stupid ball, just toss me the popcorn, I'm all about the popcorn.....

And then, as always, Mom puts me through pure torture....

Yes, I am a very good boy Mom, but PLEEEEEEEEEASE! Is this necessary for 3 or 4 lousy pieces of this wonderful stuff...........

And the torture is over .... I devour the pieces so carefully placed in front of my nose........

Until next time friends, ask your humans for popcorn. Trust me on this one. They will give you the "it's not good for you" argument, but stand your ground, this stuff is good. :o)


  1. Silly!

    It is pupkhorn!

    PeeEssWoo: and it is FURRY yummy!

  2. I love popcorn too. As soon as I hear the popping in the microwave I start dancing circles.

    Wags and Kisses,

  3. Dugan, you look pretty darn cute waiting for that popcorn to pop!

  4. Mmmm... delicious! Always worth the wait, right Dug?

  5. Oh I just love the picture of you next to the microwave. Popcorn is a favorite of Sophie's too!

  6. Wow - that little oven looks pretty cool. With a tiny NYC kitchen - Mom opted NOT to have a I've never had popcorn. I think I need to start a petition!


  7. Sam would like to come and share your popcorn routine!