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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner?!?

Hi Everybody!  Yesterday was a very fun and somewhat strange day. Farley and his humans came over for Thanksgiving dinner. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this April?? I thought Thanksgiving was in November. This April repeat of the holiday with the best food of the year has become somewhat of a ritual for Farley's humans and my humans.... go figure. But I don't complain. There are always tasty morsels of delight that hit the floor and find their way directly into my mouth.

Farley and I blocked all access to the kitchen while my Dad carved the delicious smelling bird. Mom was gathering up all the other goodies to put on the table.

And there's the feast just waiting for Farley and I ..... I mean the humans to consume it.

What do you mean we can't come in?!? Who says? It's my house too you know!

Finally! We are inside.... look how good we are being... please, please, please can't we have some too? And of course, the answer remained, as always, NO.... go lie down you two.

Then when the humans were done eating what should have been shared with us, Farley and I were rewarded for good behavior with our favorite -- Frosty Paws. I got a brain freeze -- ouch!

Man I hate brain freezes.... how does Farley avoid them?!? That guy is a genius I tell you.

Absolutely fabulous!

The humans had something called pie and then sadly, the party was over. Farley and his humans had to leave for their long drive home. We had such a good day -- I am very happy they came to visit me :o)

I'm exhausted..... so until next time, so long friends.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today I am FOUR!!!!

Howdy Friends -- Today is my birthday! I had a wonderful time.... Mom had to go to work, but when she got home, the fun began. First of all, there was a surprise box that came from my best friend Farley and his Mom.....

As always, sorry for the photo quality, I told you about my Mom's photography skills.....or lack there of as the case maybe. Anyway, inside this mysterious box was my very own business cards so people can find my blog. No more slacking for my Mom, I'm going public. How cool are these?!?

Then came my presents.... or as Mom calls them, "prizes". Mom can be kind of weird at times.

Look at all this cool stuff. And, I am actually on top of another toy that looks like a submarine sandwich and squeaks. Bring on the cake and ice cream....

It was totally yummy.....Angel Food Cake and  Frosty Paws -- what more could I guy ask for. See that "stuffie" birthday cake?? Mom brings it out every year. It plays the Happy Birthday song when you squeeze it and of course I am not allowed to chew it up. That's OK, I kind of like having it every year.

OK Mom, I'm very tired. Can I lose the hat now? Thanks for a great day. And a very special THANKS to Farley and his humans for the awesome business cards. "I love ya Man!" You're the best friend ever and your humans a pretty terrific too.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why can't I play Dad??

My Dad hosted his poker club last night. Those boys play once a month from September through April. I was really looking forward to this year's meeting at my house because I am finally old enough to play -- 21 in dog years -- but  noooooooooo, Dad and those boys shut me out of their basement fun. I don't get it. I can draw to a straight as good as the next guy. So I can't hold my cards up... Mom said she would get me one of those stands to set my cards in, but the answer was still NO! Come on, they had dry roasted peanuts, cocktail weiners, beef tenderloin for dinner (Dad always has to have something good for dinner because he hosts the last meeting of the season) and of course, lots of beer. There are no male Goldens that don't like to lick the last drops of beer out of the bottle -- guys if you haven't discovered this, please try to check out what you have missed. If there is no beer in your house, then you don't know what you are missing and that's OK too. It may be better not to know.

Where did all the dry roasted nuts go.... not one drop of  beer for me??

Oh well, maybe next year........

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter Friends! Hope everyone enjoyed a glorious Spring weekend. I was happy to awaken this morning to find that the Easter Bunny had paid me a visit......

See my little basket in front of the big stuffed rabbit that I am NOT allowed to touch much less tear to shreds. I wonder when this "Easter Bunny" got into my house?!? Surely I would have smelled some rabbit varmit in my house.... I know everything that goes on here. But, considering he brought me these good looking treats, he can come in whenever he wants. You are welcome here gift-giving bunny... anytime, come on by.... it's all good with me.

After the excitement of getting these delicious treats from the rabbit, I spent most of the day in the middle of my outdoor domain taking in the sunshine and watching for the return of the bunny... a guy can never have too many treats.

Until next time, here's to spring and bunnies who bring gifts :o)