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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner?!?

Hi Everybody!  Yesterday was a very fun and somewhat strange day. Farley and his humans came over for Thanksgiving dinner. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this April?? I thought Thanksgiving was in November. This April repeat of the holiday with the best food of the year has become somewhat of a ritual for Farley's humans and my humans.... go figure. But I don't complain. There are always tasty morsels of delight that hit the floor and find their way directly into my mouth.

Farley and I blocked all access to the kitchen while my Dad carved the delicious smelling bird. Mom was gathering up all the other goodies to put on the table.

And there's the feast just waiting for Farley and I ..... I mean the humans to consume it.

What do you mean we can't come in?!? Who says? It's my house too you know!

Finally! We are inside.... look how good we are being... please, please, please can't we have some too? And of course, the answer remained, as always, NO.... go lie down you two.

Then when the humans were done eating what should have been shared with us, Farley and I were rewarded for good behavior with our favorite -- Frosty Paws. I got a brain freeze -- ouch!

Man I hate brain freezes.... how does Farley avoid them?!? That guy is a genius I tell you.

Absolutely fabulous!

The humans had something called pie and then sadly, the party was over. Farley and his humans had to leave for their long drive home. We had such a good day -- I am very happy they came to visit me :o)

I'm exhausted..... so until next time, so long friends.


  1. Thanks for a great day Dugan, I can't wait for next year :)

  2. Lots of fun!
    Lots of food!!
    Lots of fun AND food!!!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    Happy Barkday Celebration MONTH ;-)


  3. I understand Thanksgiving in April, we have a Thanksgiving feast at our friend's house in August. It is always just kibble for me though!

    Wags and Kisses,

  4. Love the idea of Thanksgiving in April. It is the BEST MENU OF THE YEAR and it's a perfect idea to share with the spring. Looks like you and Farley had a great time. I only had Frosty Paws once - as I too got a brain freeze - ouch!


  5. Hopped over from Farley.
    Looks like a lot of fun and food.

  6. The "brain freeze" photo made me laugh out loud! What an awesome idea. I've been thinking about stuffing since I read about this event on Farley's blog ;-) And both boys seemed so well-behaved!

  7. This post looks a little familiar. I do love the picture of you admiring the beautiful meal from outside. And of course, the boys' picture together with huge smiles is just priceless! Happy Thanksgiving!