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Monday, July 5, 2010

Excuse me buster.....

It's the Fourth of July weekend -- Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. If you live here in Michigan or on the east coast, it is no surprise to you when I say it is incredibly HOT! So hot in fact that my Mom took me for a long walk this morning before 9 AM....unheard of....she didn't even shower...mind you my Mom doesn't come downstairs from the bedroom area without a shower and make-up much less venture out in me, it's HOT!!!! Even  though we walked early, a hairy guy like me nearly passed out from the heat ....I was begging Mom...home, NOW....I am going to throw up....I didn't, but it is always good to prepare Mom for heat exhaustion. The weekend has been relatively uneventful except for the heat. I got to go swimming every day and it was wonderful......Mom didn't want to show swimming pictures again so soon.... me in the pool can get pretty boring.

I did however, have an encounter with the EASTER BUNNY in MY front yard. There I was surverying my street---it IS my street, no trespassers allowed without permission....when suddenly, not just on my street, but in MY yard....there he was, the EASTER BUNNY!!! Excuse me BUSTER, but this is MY yard and your hoiliday was months ago......

Are you really in my yard?!? How dare you varmit?!? You're lucky you didn't venture into my backyard, I would have run you out of "Dodge" in record time.....

You better run bunny.. I won't warn you again...

Wait.... sorry... did you want to play??.....I won't eat you, I promise, please stay and play. My friends next door are up North on vacation.... no one to play with... OK, I understand, it was that whole "you were in my yard thing" right??....I didn't mean anything by it.... please come back......

He's gone....oh well. there will be other bunnies..... Bye for now friends :o)


  1. I see Dugan also helps wash your windows! That is our boys specialty!


  2. We didn't make it up in time this am to walk then -

    AND NOW I'm sulking and trying to khonvince Mom 90+ is really an okay temp to walk -

    Why won't she believe me?

    I've been eyeing up the bunnies on my walk too - one of them used to be a bunny pup and now he/she is almost a full meal!


  3. Those yard bunnies are NOT innocent! We have our own bunny story that we will have to blog about!

  4. Hello!
    I walked all the way from Farley's house to meet you and I am sooo glad you did beclaws I love golden retrievers and I love your blog! I walk with my professional pet sitter mom and dad and I must bark that many of furry friends are golden retrievers so I just had to see if you would like to be my friend too....will you, pretty please? I clicked on the Google button and so that means I am your friend and I'm gonna follow you all over your blog! Woof!
    Daisy the Coonhound