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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I love the little people

Howdy friends. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I have spent the last week or so getting to know a little person that has taken up temporary residence in the house behind mine. She is something they refer to as a "grandaughter" and she is just my size. Actually, I am waaaaaaaaaaay bigger than her, but when I sit like a good boy, we see the world eye to-eye. She lets me lick her fingers and nose through the fence and she has this tiny little dog named "Bella". Bella has been staying at her grandparents house for awhile now. My humans tell me it is something to do with the little girl's parents got "transferred" to a different state and they live in a "no dog" apartment until they can find a house that they want to buy.

Bella is OK, but gee whiz, she is so tiny.... what kind of dog is that?!? Here is Bella, the little person and me....

I have grown quite fond of the little person.... but my humans tell me she is not going to be in the backyard too much longer... look how fun she is though....

I told my Mom and Dad I want to keep her...... they said "no". Parents, what can I do with them?!?


  1. Well it's so nice to see you spreading the Golden magic to the little person and that very tiny dog. Keep up the good work,

    Your Pals in Gold

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  2. Woof! Woof! She is a cutie ... I would keep her too. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Merdie says her beans were that size once!


  4. She is the perfect size - I can't believe they said no! Parents never want us to have fun...

    Wags N Kisses,

  5. I bet that little person is all full of special smells. She is wearing one of those deluxe odor keepers.

  6. Those little ones are usually messy and tasty! (OK, not that *I* have ever licked one, but you know what I mean!)

  7. How sweet you are with your little human friend and with the extra tiny Bella! I think golden retrievers are one of the nicest dogs in the world and your pictures prove it!
    By the way, I am posting your picture today for the Bachelor Pawty with a link back to your blog so check it out sometime!
    Daisy and April

  8. I bet she would feed you Cheerios too! Bummer you can't keep her :(

  9. You look so sweet at the fence there Duggie! Little people are cool.

  10. I think every kid deserves a Golden, and vice versa!


  11. PLEASE tell your Mommy if she does not already know that MILK THISTLE is very helpful and soothing in any liver disease or liver failure or dysfunction.

    Also, please know you are in our huMom's prayers for comfort and healing. Love from Rosie, 13 (Bichon) Gabriel (8 Bichon) and Bonnie ( nurse, 60) in STamford, CT