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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Please forgive my absence, I have been busy....

Greeting blogging and other friends.... I ask your forgiveness for my absence, but I have been terribly busy GAINING weight! For friends who follow my blog and my other friends and family, you all know I was pretty sick before the holidays and in to the New Year. Since late October, I have had some serious liver problems, multiple medical tests and a daily regiment of pills. Well, apparently, the pills are finally working. All of the bad levels of "liver function stuff" that I had going on have either gone WAY down or back into a normal range. My humans are very happy! We know that because I was born with an abnormally small liver, my issues will continue, but as long as the medicine keeps working, my liver will work. And, the best sign that everything is working is weight gain.... and I have been gaining weight like a pig! When I got sick, I went from about 85 lbs. down to 74 lbs in a very short amount of time. Now, I have rebounded to a glorious 87.7 lbs. I am a close to being a healthy and happy "big boy" !.... take a look at me thriving.....

I am basically what rude people would call FAT, but in my world, fat is good because it mean my liver is working so my friends, remember, fat is good. And, I have a birthday coming up in a little over a week -- something my humans thought we would not get to celebrate but, hey..... a guy has got to turn FIVE don't you think?!? Thanks Dr. Jeff, Dr. P and my two all gave me a second chance at growing hopefully a lot older. My humans and I are very grateful.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you just in case we miss it!!

    We have missed you but no worries, we've all been busy and got stuff ta do :-)

  2. What GReat news!!!!!!

    Thanks FUR sharing!


  3. Wow! What WONDERFUL news!! So happy for you, Mr. Dugan! Your parents must be so relieved. And you've got a birthday coming up? YEEHAW!! Life is sounding pretty good over there--keep up the good work, you look fab!

  4. Dugan - you are most handsome, and not fat. So happy your liver is doing better!

  5. Hi Dugan! We've been worried about you! We thought Farley would post if there was bad news, and you know what they say "no news is good news". You look awesome! We will keep our paws crossed that you make it to many more birthdays!

    Sending hugs!