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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas

Greetings family and friends.... my apologies once again for my absence...... my Mom promises a "New Year's resolution" to do better in 2012. In her defense, we have had a lot of stuff going on at our house which has not left Mom much time to blog. My Mom and Dad did something called "remodeling" to our kitchen.....I don't know what that means, but to me it meant a nice man name Mike who came to my house every day and brought me cookies....he made all our cupboards in the kitchen look real nice and then he had some other men come and put in new kitchen floor and carpet in the family room and then a guy put in something called molding and then there was a painter.... I know him from a couple of years ago... his Mom had a Golden. Anyway, what was supposed to take about 2 weeks, turned into nearly a 2 plus month project.

My Dad had a birthday while I was on a blogging leave of absence and then there was Thanksgiving. And I went back to my Dr. Jeff and received an excellent report on my health -- my liver issues are stable and my weight is good and compared to a year ago at this time, all is absolutely right with the world.

Which brings us to Christmas......I received several gifts for which I am very grateful.... let me address them one at a time...

First, a few weeks before Christmas, I got a package in the mail for my pals, Augie and Ti......I know it was mine because I saw my name on the package.....Mom opened it and promptly whisked it away to a Christmas stocking that was not mine.... did she think she was tricking me?!? I know that is not my stocking -- mine is the one that says, "I love my Dog".....and there my present remained until Christmas morning...... some nonsense about I would "rip it to shreds" ...... SHEESH!  A guy can't even have his own gift....

See, there is my present from Augie and Ti in some "no-name" sock.....Thanks very much guys... when I finally got your present, it was awesome.

Let me just give you a quick run through of what else this lucky Golden Boy received for are my gifts from my bestest pal Farley......

I got a mini-lunch box with peanut butter cookies inside and a 35 lb. box of round peanut butter treats.... wait, what Mom??? Oh, sorry, it is a 3.5 lb. box....35 lbs..... ha ha ha... in my dreams... THANKS FARLEY, YOU'RE THE BEST!

And then on Christmas Eve, we had a some what altered tradition. My older brother's girlfriend Sophie always used to come over on Christmas Eve with her humans. Perhaps you will recall that Sophie crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" in January. We still miss her everyday. But, to my surprise, her humans kept the tradition going and came to visit me anyway. They brought me a "Hickory Farms" gift box.....

It's really dog toys made to look like "Hickory Farm" stuff, but I loved it and they also brought me a few packages of  "Milo Kitchen" treats. If you haven't tried them, I give them 2 paws up -- delicious!!! Thanks Sophie's humans.... you are so special to me.

And then came Christmas morning......look what Santa brought this "good" boy...

I got a new bed....  the striped thing on the bottom.... a treat puzzle (on your right) and a new stuffie that my Mom laid carefully on my new bed so that no one would know that I totally destroyed it already.

I am truly a lucky boy. I hope all my friends had a wonderful holiday too. The holidays make a guy really tired so I am just going to lie by the tree and the fireplace and count my blessings.....God bless us every one!!


  1. It looks like you had a good Christmas! We wish you the best in 2012, and a little extra time for blogging! ;)


  2. Love the picture of you in front of the fireplace Dugan :) So glad you had a Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow Dugan - you made out this Christmas.

    Wishing you health and happiness in 2012!

    Wags N Kisses,

  4. Merry Christmas, ya cutie! I laughed out loud over the comment about the carefully laid out stuffie ;-)