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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter itch = Comatose Dugan......

I am emabarrassed to admit that I have spent the majority of the winter suffering from some sort of annoying itch condition. I scratch at my neck, bite at my legs and feet and try to lick away the annoyance at all the space in between. Mom took me to see my Dr. Jeff because it got so bad at one point, I had something called "hot spots". They didn't feel hot, but they sure did itch. Dr. Jeff gave me some prescription medicine and told my Mom to give me Benedyrl when they were gone if the itch continued. Oh, and he told her to put "Senseless Fatty Acid" supplement on my food. Wait.......what Mom?!? do you spell that?....E S S E N T I A L. So, apparently it is called Essential Fatty Acids, not "Senseless".....who knew?!? The acid stuff is actually quite tasty and sort of smells like fish and I love fish so it's all good. The Benedryl is the problem. That stuff is dangerous. I think the only reason it stops a guy from itching is that it makes you comatose................ see for yourself.

Good thing sleep is one of my favorite things to do.


  1. Sorry you are still itching buddy. You sure look peaceful there, sleeping in the sunshine :)

  2. Sleep IS good!

    Skhratching yourself is NOT!


  3. Hope you feels better soon, buddy!


  4. We know what that's like. Have you checked into food allergies? Sophie had the same symptoms. How about ear infections?