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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bad Hair Days..

Hi Friends......Maybe it is the coming of Spring.... the wacky up and down temperatures.... or just me.... but lately, my hair is a complete mess......

Look at this "wild boy" hair.....who takes care of me.....I know my Mom brushes me regularly... has my hair grown a mind of it's own?!?

Good Grief!!! Look at me .... this is not the same day, but it IS the same "wild boy" hair.... is there no end to this madness??  MOM!!! My kingdom for a groomer!


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  2. You don't need a groomer! Your fur looks so soft and cuddley!

  3. I think you look gorgeous - Justin Bieber of the canine world :)

  4. LOL - Sam and Monty always look wild, even right after a brushing. We always wonder how the show Golden's do it!