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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Happy Easter to all my friends and family. As you probably noticed, I have been away from blogging for quite some time. My Mom and I have had a difficult time trying to get back into it since the loss of my best pal Farley. But lately, Mom and I have talked alot and we decided what better day than Easter -- a time of new beginnings -- to start my blog again. So, I'm back and I will try to share my antics with you on a regular basis and along the way, I will also share some important life lessons that my pal Farley taught me.

Here I am enjoying a glorious, bright sunny Easter

Mom seems to have brought the garden inside......I am confused by this blooming garden in our family room, but it seems to make Mom happy so I will play along with her.

By the way, those hippos are not grazing in Mom's flower bed, they are not real. My Mom collects hippos....we have a million of them....I don't get that either, but again, I humor her.

And what Easter Sunday would be complete without a nap with a bunny stuffie?!?

On this beautiful Sunday, I hope everyone had a very good day. Since it is a special Sunday, I will share the most important lesson I learned from my pal.......Life is precious, live each day to the fullest.


  1. Happy Easter, Dugan. Nice to see you again.

    Tucker and Daisy

  2. Happy Easter Dugan! Looking forward to your posts!

  3. Hi Dugan, Blessed Easter, we are so glad you are back.

    Hamish & Sophie
    Sheila & Bob

  4. Oh look at you, so sweet! I'd like to scoop you up! Happy Easter :)

  5. Good to see you Duggie and glad you had a Happy Easter :)

  6. So happy to see you blogging again Dugan. I know how you must feel after losing your sweet pal Farley. I loved reading his blog and was so sad when he went to the rainbow bridge. I am glad you are going to help keep his memory alive through sharing your life and your lessons learned from Farley on your blog!!!!