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Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm King of the playground!

 Today I had a special surprise. My Mom came home from work early and after she did some marathon house cleaning -- somebody must be coming over to visit tomorrow -- she took me to the playground at the little kids school near our house. I love that place. It has all these giant toys that I can climb on. I walked across the catwalk on the biggest toy of all and then I went up these really steep stairs to a place where you can go down a giant tube and slide all the way to the bottom. Mom won't let me go in the tube -- something about I'll get hurt or kill myself. It really looks like fun though. Little kids go in the tube all the time, but Mom still says NO.

Is my hair a mess or what -- I have got to stop rolling in the leaves.


  1. Mom's are no fun sometimes, huh?

    Tucker and Daisy

  2. That playground looks pretty fun. The best part about hanging out there are all the kiddies you'll meet. They are a magnet to the Goldens

  3. Hi Dugan,

    We like to think of those as giant agility courses:)