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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The price you pay to play...

After my fun play day yesterday, things started out pretty normal around here for a Sunday. Dad got up, got the paper, made coffee and let me outside. Mom sleeps in a little, but she got up pretty early too. After everybody takes a shower and gets dressed, the humans eat breakfast and then it is walk time for me. Mom and I headed out on what I thought was going to be a normal walk. We went on a route that I was familiar with and then suddenly we were at a big road with traffic lights and I had to sit and wait for the little white light man in the box up high to tell us it was OK to cross the street. After we crossed, we walked a little more and then there it was...... the dreaded SHAMPOOCH! I was getting a bath and there was nothing I could do about it. All that fun, leaves and dirt, washed away in just minutes.
So now all signs of my fun day have been washed away. Mom and I walked back home and by the time we got there, all was forgiven. Don't tell Mom, but I feel a lot better. Those leaves and stuff made me all itchy, not to mention look how nice, clean and fluffy I look now. It's all good.


  1. Dugan - Farley sent us over. Welcome to the world of dogs that blog. ((Of course us GOLDENS have to stick together!). I look forward to reading about your adventures! - Abbey

  2. You look very fluffy now Dugan!