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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Weekend..... they sure go by fast

The weekend is almost over. Why do the they go by so fast? My Mom will have to go back to work tomorrow and Dad and I will be here hanging out waiting for her to come back.

We went for a long walk yesterday and then to the park -- I love the park. My Mom loves to walk. We must have covered 50 miles before we got to the park.... OK, maybe it was only 3 or 4 miles, but it seemed like 50. Michigan (that's where I live) is a strange place. I am only a kid, but if I remember right, I think it is supposed to be cold and maybe even have some of that fun white stuff on the ground. But instead, it was sunny and 65 degrees -- only 3 degrees less than Phoenix, AZ. -- what's up with that. It's OK with me cuzz I get to go to the park......did I mention I love the park?

 There's this tube thing in the park that Mom was trying to get me to climb through. I stood my ground though. She won't let me slide down the big tube at the little kid's school so I'm not climbing through this crazy tube. Besides, you can't even slide in it. It's just a big dumb tube. Mom and I had some laughs about it because every time she tried to coax me through the tube, I ran around it and licked her face. What a fun game.

Hope all my blogging friends had a good weekend too.


  1. HaRoooooo!

    Great game woo played with your mom!


  2. Woof! Glad you had a pawsome weekend with your mom. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. They sure do go by fast don't they?